The Versatile Blogger Award

I am delighted and massively surprised that my little blog Big Hungry Gnomes received The Versatile Blogger Award. I think my favourite aspect of blogging is getting involved with a whole community of food lovers. Even though I’ve only had Big Hungry Gnomes for a few months, I’m already obsessed with reading food posts and getting fantastic inspiration. I really appreciate receiving compliments for my recipes from members of this brilliant food community and I’m so grateful for being nominated for this award.

This award comes from Mira Goes to Market, who is aiming to travel the world, one market at a time. Her beautifully written posts give a sense of what it’s like to be in the middle of the vibrant La Boqueria market in Barcelona, together with telling the history of the roving markets of Paris and giving you a recipe for Vietnamese Beef Pho, inspired by the street markets of Hanoi. If you feel like traveling without even having to leave you computer screen, check out her amazing blog.

I have also recieved a second nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from The Tasty Thumb, who gets my ‘tasty thumbs up’ seal of approval from me for his wonderful food blog. If you’re after some delicious and simple ideas for a tasty dinner, perhaps with a little South Carolinan kick, then this is the blog for you.

As a reward for being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, I get the very difficult task of nominating fifteen inspiring and awesome blogs to recieve the award. After lots of consideration, my fifteen (in no particular order) are

Girl in a food frenzy

Cook Eat Live Vegetarian

Conker and Indigo


Dinner for (n)one

Cake and Table

Afternoon D’Lite

At Down Under

Finger, Fork & Knife

Movita Beaucoup

Seaside Baker

Baker Betty

The Patterned Plate

Local Kitchen


Together with getting to nominate these fifteen fantastic blogs, as part of my Versatile Blogger Award, I also get to tell you seven facts about myself

  1. Since starting Big Hungry Gnomes, I have spent so much time reading food blogs that I have developed eye strain and now have to wear glasses
  2. The first thing I ever cooked was an apple layer cake, which I made when I was eight
  3. I cooked my first two course meal by myself when I was fourteen. It was roast chicken with a bread and butter pudding.
  4. I’m scared of mannequins and human statues
  5. I’m currently working my way through the Internet Movie Database’s Top 250 films and I have now watched one hundred and fifty of them
  6. At some point in my life, I am determined that I will live in Scotland and in Sweden.
  7. My favourite season is winter. I absolutely love cold winter mornings, when the sky is brilliantly blue and the ground is crisp with frost
11 Responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award”
  1. Hey Fiona that’s truly awesome, big congrats to you on your nomination. Your first meal cooked at age 14 sounds like the perfect dinner too, I think roast chicken is an all time fave in our household! Thank you for the nomination too, just getting back into the swing of things after holidays so will get my blog up & running again! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  2. spree says:

    Congratulations Fiona!! I appreciate (so much) that my blog ranks among your favorites! What a compliment that is! Loved your answers. Scared of mannequins! Apple cake the first thing you ever made, and Roast chicken at 14! Wow! Impressive!! Keep inspiring with the good work you’re doing! 🙂 and thanks again for the nomination!

  3. Kiki says:

    Hi Fiona – congrats on getting the award, and thanks so much for nominating my blog, I really appreciate it! I’m happy to have discovered your blog and look forward to reading more!

  4. Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it onto me, that’s lovely! I am going to check out your naan recipe now!!

  5. Hi Fiona! Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you like my blog so much!! Camilla xox

  6. Well, this is totally AWESOME! I’m so excited that I’m running around the house squealing with delight!! Thanks so much for the shout out, and congrats on your own nomination! xox

  7. Thank you soo much Fiona! this is brilliant! I am utterly thilled to even be included! big happy smiles all around ! thank you !

  8. Merci Fiona! Keep up the wonderful work and Bon Appétit from Montréal!

  9. The Patterned Plate says:

    A few things to say.. my apologies for my tardiness, this is looooong overdue. Congratulations to you for your nomination and thank you very much for mine! Appreciate it! Keep up the lovely work you do here 😀

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